Resting in peace – not!

I received an unwanted present on Christmas day: a dead computer. Yep, I turned the thing on, turned my back for a couple of minutes, went back to the computer, and nothing. Absolutely nothing. Zero. Nil. Zilch. Tried resetting it. Again absolutely nothing. I called 24/7 customer support. Eventually a live person answered, but I had a hard time understanding her English. Yes, I had everything correctly plugged in. Yes, I had tried different electrical outlets. The rep suggested I remove all of my documents from the computer and send the whole thing to a repair facility in Fremont, Calif. How, I asked, was I to remove my documents from the computer if it wouldn’t turn on? Turns out that was my problem, not her’s. She suggested I look online for a local company to do it; she said there are ways to recover data without having the computer on. I reminded her that I had no computer access and she suggested I visit a library. Needless to say I got pretty testy around this time. Stay tuned.

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About Joyce L. Bates

Joyce presently lives in Portland, Oregon. She is not overly impressed with fancy cars or exclusive zip codes, but has no issues traveling first class.
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