Commute from hell

The goddess/god of the universe must have a special treat for those of us who did last night’s evening commute in Portland, Ore., via public transportation. As some may know, the Portland area received between three and fives inches of snow yesterday. Surprise! Now forget just for a moment that most transplanted Portlanders, your author included, have no clue how to drive in the snow. Combine this with folks driving SUV and pickup truck mini-tanks who think they’re invincible in any kind of weather. And for good measure toss in these same drivers who think that snow permits them unbridled access to the public transit lanes, thereby obstructing buses and trains, and who also clog up streets by racing to beat yellow lights but end up stuck in the middle of intersections that then stops traffic in all directions. Can you tell I’m still a little grumpy?

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About Joyce L. Bates

Joyce presently lives in Portland, Oregon. She is not overly impressed with fancy cars or exclusive zip codes, but has no issues traveling first class.
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3 Responses to Commute from hell

  1. Mrs Beans says:

    Gawd, I hear ya. I left my office at 4 pm and it took me 3 hours to get from the Lloyd District over to downtown and Jefferson, right in front of Rasmussen BMW. I was in my car. Could not get to the Sunset Highway to save my life. Turned around and headed for an alternate route (Barbur Blvd…Bertha, etc.) Finally got home at 11:15 pm.

    • chezjlb says:

      It really is a small world. I started out from the Lloyd District too. I love your blog and just subscribed to it!

      • Mrs Beans says:

        I enjoy the heck out of your blog too and follow it in my Blog Surfer up there in the Dashboard!

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