Thank you notes made it before the blog

Today is exactly one week since I returned home to Portland, Ore., from a quick trip to Fort Wayne, Ind., where I celebrated the wedding of Baby-Baby Brother and now Sister-In-Law. I missed a lot of Baby-Baby Brother’s life — he was only about eight years old when I moved out of Indiana. So when he called and invited me to his wedding I knew this was one event I was not going to miss! To my surprise the weather in Fort Wayne was perfect: about 65 degrees and sunny. I had brought winter clothes to wear so  found myself shopping for some cooler clothes. Luckily, I found something but had to pay retail. When you’re used to shopping at Goodwill it was a bit of sticker shock! 

The groom was handsome and the bride beautiful. And the prime rib lunch following the brief Saturday morning ceremony was delicious! The bride and groom were — and are — in my Aunt G.’s words “outstanding” individuals. Sister-In-Law is also a whiz at sending thank you notes. Mine arrived in the mail about two days after I returned from the wedding! Now that’s fast!


About Joyce L. Bates

Joyce presently lives in Portland, Oregon. She is not overly impressed with fancy cars or exclusive zip codes, but has no issues traveling first class.
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