Drinking the Apple juice

Now I understand why Apple computer fans are so fanatical. I bought my very first Apple product about a month ago: an Apple iPad. I’ve had my eye on one for a while, especially after a trip in April when I lugged my laptop through airports while looking enviously at fellow passengers’ cute little devices. Compared to my iPad the laptop feels like a tank! I admit the touch keyboard on the iPad takes some getting used to and I won’t use it for long periods of time. For that, the laptop at home is just fine. And what can I say about the Apple store? For those of you familiar with Portland, Ore., the Pioneer Place store, with its perky workers (although admittedly sometimes a little too perky for me) are first class. So when the Android phone contract is up I’m going for an iPhone!


About Joyce L. Bates

Joyce presently lives in Portland, Oregon. She is not overly impressed with fancy cars or exclusive zip codes, but has no issues traveling first class.
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